Bodo Neumann

music since 1993

He feels at home in many genres but techno has been obsession for him since many years. He can play a sunset set on the beach with deep house but the energy of an audience realize a DJ only on a floor.

With the party series (YOU WE TECHNO ALL NIGHT) he brings exactly this energy to you. In Lübeck for example in the cafe Brazil, his absolutly favorite Location, with the right size, unexcited and pure. Its all about the music.


The Puppeteers of Techno

In the case of RWAC, you do not let the dolls dance, but the puppets let you dance. Honest techno served ice cold, that's the secret recipe of the two. In the end, everything is hanging on the silk thread.

do you want to know first what's next?


Jan F.J. Spanier

SPNYRD (KDK Music | Waagenbau) - [ “/ˈspanjəd/” pronounced like "Spaniard" ] - is totally in Deep-House & Melodic- to Dark-Techno. He is absolutely euphoric to transport this music to ears and dancing feet of his audience in clubs all over Europe. During his sets, he is always sensing the mood of his listeners and will take them with him to an individual & energetic musical journey throughout the night.

1 - 2 Sofa

Arne und Basti

Arne and Basti have been the best of friends since their High School days. At some time in the mid 90s they found their passion for electronic music. Now, about 25 years later, they are both stoked to be part of the KDK family.


Virgil Stefan

33 years of music. 33 years of music business. 33 years being a trend setter. That’s Virgil in short.

Founder & Head of the aspiring techno label "KDK Music”, one half of “RWAC" with releases like “Im Schlepptau lfo”, “Marionettes”, “Elle Dorado”, “Nostalgica”, just to name a few.

Luca Gudemann

Techno music from Bonn, Germany!

As Luca often spends his time in distant places like Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, hitchhiking through Bosnia and Serbia or studying abroad in Turkey, his music is inspired by different cultures and places. This is why some of his productions have arabic vocals or asian drum sounds, but he also loves the sound of melodic and traditional techno.


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